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From startups to large enterprises, we love building complex, game-changing software.

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Open Vantage provides full-cycle software development services, designed to help you grow your business, increase your return on investment, and one-up the competition. In order to optimise, innovate, and achieve business goals, you require a partner that understands your business, all the processes within it, and can translate them into world class solutions.


There is no need to spin your wheels. With a complete set of user journeys, prototypes, and technical specifications, from the Design Lab, the development team begins agile sprint planning. 


Focus is key. To ensure we gain the best possible velocity on the development items, we do our best to avoid interruptions during sprints.


Test, test, and test again. Testing is a key part of our development process. This phase in most cases runs in parallel with development.


Work smart not hard. The key to having a good velocity on the software development pipeline is to automate as much as possible.

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